(Staghorn Fern) Platycerium wallichii

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Platycerium wallichii going dormant

Platycerium wallichii is a sessional grower. Around Late December this fern will act like it is dieing or needs to be watered. These are signs that it wont to go dormant. At this time I stop watering them and I do not move them. I leave them righ where they where growing but I do not water them. Around Aprial May I start to water them again and they will quickly come back to live and start to grow. Good luck growing this amazing fern.

Platycerium wallichii Native Land Thailand

Thanks to who ever took this photo for a wonderful showing of what this species will become.


Warm to Intermediate;60°F min. to 95°F max.

Moist; 1 waterings per week (let moss become somewhat dry between waterings) "not hard dry" May need a dry period in winter.

Bright or (indirect light)


30-10-10 at 1/4 strength every 2 weeks.

Native to southeast Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In Thailand this fern goes threw a dry session where all the fronds become limp and dry. But when the rainy session comes new growth will replace old dead fronds. Best to keep this fen work all year long so dormancy does not occur. Less water in winter. Challenging fern.